Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Inspiration House above Nandi Pond
which is usually Full by now
Our last rain was 0.08 inches on December 15.  almost a month ago.  Usually have several inches by now.  ponds getting low. Current forecast is no precipitation in the near future (2 weeks?).  yikes.  last time this sort of drought was 1994-1995 from what I have heard and fires in summer were not pretty.  Yikes.

This Bud's for you
Same old daily weather.  low ot mid 60's during day, low ot mid 30's during day.  A friend, living in Portland area, said similar up there.  Big high pressure bubble over whole area.  Good news, it is above freezing in Tempe, AZ where our motorhome lives until mid February so not expecting problems due to freezing temps.  Bad news is it is warm and dry here and around Cali which could result in major fire issues this summer.

Other good news is sunrise and sunsets are beautiful. The tree buds are beginning to think it is March.

Bad news possibly.  more to come on this.

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