Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spiritual Renewal week over. Now OFF to Oregon

Wonderful week of renewing and deepening our inner life here at village while the sun shined and the smoke from fires occasionally drove us indoors.  However outdoor amphitheater is wonderful in summer.  about 400+ people here for week of inspirational talks, mediations, evening entertainment with concerts and plays.

Now off to Oregon to visit and volunteer at the new Ananda Laurelwood campus west of Portland for a few days, then head over to Coast for a leisurely trip back home.  Stay tuned for some photos.  Here are a few from past couple days.

The lotus blossom on Lotus Lake in front of the Amphitheater

Chanting before class

The Choir tuning us in for Swami's last talk

Listening to Swami in Amphitheater

Blessing Swami at end

Swami Kriyananda, the Founder of Ananda Village listening to choir

a moment of humor

Speaking to us all
Satya, who has lived at Ananda since 1967.

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