Monday, April 8, 2013

Back to the Chiracahua's

We enjoyed our three nights in Silver City, NM.  We stocked up on good grub from the local Coop, and stuffed ourselves with good food at the Curious Cumquat, and Sheveka's along with spicy New Mexican chile Rellenos at Jalisco.  Now back to the Chiricahua mountains and Portal, AZ, a birding mecca. (Surprise surprise).
Driving down the 100 miles from Silver City we recalled how we have driven across I-10 several times and looked south at these mountains.  From a distance they look like many of the other mountains around the area.

As we moved closer we begin to see the definition and the cliffs of Cave Creek Canyon.

Driving up Cave Creek Canyon we begin to see just how beautiful this area is.

And of course, we put out the hummingbird feeder.  Already seen 6 different species and migration has hardly begun.  We are early for the April-May migration.

We make up for it in the Sunny Flat Campground, arguably one of the most scenic forest service campgrounds anywhere in USA.  These photos are from my iPhone and seem a bit washed out compared to the actual visual.

We are surrounded 360 degrees with magnificent cliffs and mountains.  And, while no Stellars or Scrub Jays, we have plenty of Mexican Jays, Juncos and Orioles keeping the Hummers company.  more about Hummers later.

- blessings from the road
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