Wednesday, April 10, 2013

High country hike - Greenhouse Trail

the other day we decided to hike to higher elevations.  Our Sunny Flat campground in Cave Creek Canyon is 5180 ft.  we drove up this jeep trail west of campground about 4 miles to 6500 ft.  We wanted to see Winn Falls which drops 400 ft.   Here are some iPhone shots.
Thought we could reach base of falls on this GreenHouse trail.

Started out quite pleasant through forest glens into the Chiricahua Wilderness.
Across streams

And up, up, up, more up!  Turns out a whole bunch of switchbacks through the 2011 burn.  However we finally made it to the crest and saw this view which was worth the hike.

We sat in the shade eating out nuts and fruits.  I drank from my "sippee cup"

We finally saw the falls.  Turns out we saw it from above not at the base.  Still beautiful.  Falls 400 feet!

- blessings from the road
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