Saturday, May 4, 2013

Valley of the Gods, Cedar Mesa, Utah

 Well this pretty much says it all
Valley of the Gods lies Northeast of Monument Valley, just over the Utah Border on the south edge of Cedar Mesa which rises up 1200 ft above the canyon floor

south edge of Cedar Mesa in Southern Utah
Valley of the Gods
Had seen a photo in Bluff coffee shop entitled House on Fire.  Very famous apparently so we went to track it down. Discovered it was in Mule Wash in northern part of Cedar Mesa, so we went looking for it.  Hiked about 3 miles up the canyon.   Ruins pretty cool. Photographed what I thought was the shot but was the wrong one.  Sigh.  Turns out the ruins I wanted was in South Mule Wash, not North Mule Wash.  Still a fun hike of 6 miles with only 2 blisters (need new shoes).

Anyway posting the shot I did get here and will have to return another year. 

Also saw this collared lizard peeking out of its hideaway as we returned to the car.

Collared Lizard

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