Saturday, May 4, 2013

Long time in between posts

Long time in between posts due to work related issues and also very poor internet.  Catalina state park is one of our favorites sites but this year Verizon just wasn't working.  AT&T worked for phone and email but hard to upload pix.  We usually had to go out Oracle highway to get big files and use mifi.  

We went way over our limits in phone and data plans this month with AT&T.  not Verizon which hardly worked at all.  Grrrrr.  You would think Verizon works everywhere from their commercials, and maybe phone does but NOT their data plan.  No, about 40% of the time we can't get the mifi to work in locations we love which are fairly remote.  Yes, it works in downtown San Francisco just fine but I bought the thing for our travels not to use in urban settings where a internet coffee house is on every corner. (okay Kent, stay even minded and cheerful...).  I have tried adding Wilson antennas to boost the signal to no avail.  Again grr. Pardon the rant. 

Coupled with busy work schedule and some fun activities in Tucson with friends, I just found it hard to regularly post.  I will try to do better but we are in SE utah where wireless service is really spotty.  So am catching up today with some posts.

After 3 weeks of non-stop activity I finally get a day off, here in Bluff, whilst Sraddha visits Hovenweep National Monument.  Hope to catch up on blog a little before we head on northward.
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