Saturday, July 13, 2013

Last Rights for the OWNRy

To all

It's been a fun 10 years on the OWNRy.  We held a series of "last Op sessions" in May and June followed by 5 of my buddies helping to tear out the layout.  It is finished (see last photo in teardown set link attached).  As you may have heard, I am moving up to the greater Portland area and will be involved in rail fanning and model railroading up there on OPL - "other people's Layouts".  About 98% of the OWNRy is being sold, liquidated, given away, trashed, etc.  Yes, I will keep a few things.  Many of you will enjoy parts of the OWNRy for years to come and I hope to enjoy them with you. Keep me on your crew call lists and you never know when I might show up.

  I salute my friends who helped in the teardown.  it made it easier. 

Now on to the next journey.  

Here are some pix of the last Op sessions and of the teardown (warning-  teardown may bring tears).

Last OP sessions photos

OWNRy Teardown photos
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