Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Moving to Oregon? Really?

Hello?  What did I say?

YES, we are moving to Oregon.  After 15 years at Ananda Village near Nevada City, California, we are moving to Ananda Laurelwood which is about 40 minutes west of Portland.  It's actually about 10 minutes south of Forest Grove.

Ananda Laurelwood (link is is a place to grow, to expand, to serve, to build a new community based upon the teachings of Yogananda which I have been practicing for past 25 years.  it is located about 40 minutes west of Portland and about 10 minutes south of Forest Grove in a valley just east of the beginning coastal range.

For now, we plan to live full time in our motorhome, spending next 2 months in Laurelwood then heading south for the winter centering in Tucson area, then returning in spring.  More on that later.

We drove up the RV and settled it in about 3 weeks ago.  Spent 2 weeks there then are currently back in Ananda Village preparing for final move.  Packing, sorting, giving away, selling, sorting, packing.  We hope to load the rental truck next week, drive north and unload into long term storage, the household goods and furniture we intend to keep and also unload at community a whole bunch of stuff being donated to community like food storage, tools, garden items, books, etc.

The week we departed was cool and rainy here in California and also on drive north.  Arrived in cloudy weather for a couple days then it dried out and warmed up.  Welcome to summer in Oregon. We will finish packing and loading in 100 degree weather here and can't wait to return to the cooler climes.  more to come

Loaded home office and tools to head north

She likes our new home in Laurelwood

View westward in Laurelwood

That's our little home in distance.
It really cleared up the next day but I didn't take any pix in the sunshine.

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