Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rhyolite near Death Valley

Today is Day 1 of a Camera Club of Tucson photo trip to Death Valley and southern Nevada. We (5 of us in 2 cars) departed Tucson at 6:30 AM. We arrived late afternoon with about 45 minutes of light.  shot a few pix.  Headed for Beatty, Nevada nearby for motel and bad dinner.

Bebe is shooting the Caboose
Rhyolite is an old mining ghost town east of Death Valley.  Not much left here.  No people for sure.

Steve Dell Shooting the Caboose.  Me on this end shooting him.
 Several skeleton buildings left from 140 yrs ago.  Not much to shoot.  I am a railroad guy so enjoyed shooting this caboose.
HDR shot of Caboose
 A couple of bikers touring the country stopped for a little visit.  They collect stickers from their destinations.
This motor bike has seen a few states in USA.  Wow.
 One other piece of architecture caught our eye.  An old house whose walls were made from glass bottles stuck in the cement.  This is a lot of bottles.  I didn't take a picture of the house itself, prefering to get a couple more "artsy" shots for you.
Can you see me in the window shooting this house

House made of glass bottles all sides.  Here is a sample
Time to head to bed as we have a 5 AM departure for Zabriskie Point to shoot sunrise.  Stay tuned.
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