Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valley of the Fire State Park

After 2 days of our little photo troop traipsing around Death Valley amongst inspiriation, we journeyed over to in City, or Lost Wages, or Las Vegas, whichever you call it.  Checked into a small casino resort (only 20 floors, 750 slot machines, etc).  and walked the strip.  But I get ahead of myself.
Some interesting rock formations
The main reason we came to this area was to visit the Valley of the Fire State Park about an hour east of Vegas and just north of Lake Mead.  Last year, when Sraddha and I were headed back to California into the face of a storm we drove along the shores of Lake mead to try to bypass the urban area as much as possible and we saw the turnoff to Valley of the Fire.  The area didn't look appealing and boy were we wrong in this assessment.
Great Campgrounds.  We will come back 
This time, fortified with a good strong Starbucks coffee purchased at the Casino (it's only redemptive feature). we drove out into the "wilderness".  I had found a good article on what to shoot in the area so we began to search for locations which provided some interesting landscape and rock formations.
Positioning camera in a cave.  

Here are some iPhone shots.  I will return to add additional photos when I get them processed.

Steve contemplating the shot in the cave
Sraddha and I definitely want to return to this place to camp, explore and photograph some more.
Rock Formation

Bebe looking for a photo op

Elephant Rock  Can you see it?

Piano Rock

The elephant rock.  Easier to see now.

Artsy instagram shot

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