Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 14 - Ananda Laurelwood..Home Sweet Home.... for little while

Miles Driven - 117
Total Miles - 1082
Nehalem Bay State Park to Ananda Laurelwood, Gaston, Oregon

After breakfast, we packed up, dumped the wastes, headed off across the coast range to our "home from home".  I say this because Ananda Laurelwood is where we hope to someday settle down and is the reason we moved out of our home in northern California.  Well not the only reason but it is why we have made our change of address and also moved our household goods up to Oregon into long term storage whilst we roam around the USA.
Our home at Home!!
We will be here in the Portland area for about 5 weeks, commencing our eastward journey east after the Fourth of July weekend to attend a family reunion in Sandpoint, Idaho. In the meantime, we have a lot to do to prepare.  RV and Jeep registration in Oregon, my new Oregon driver's license, a couple of repairs and installs on the RV, etc. We have a to do list of about 30 different things.  We started today with the smog checks of RV and Jeep in Hillsboro before heading out to Laurelwood.  Passsed!
The Big Pines Shelter us from view.  No one even notices us.
In addition, of course, we want to reconnect with many of our friends in the area, and maybe even a few good meals. We have already started to visit.
Beth's Garden in distance.  Blue shack is Chicken Coop
The time will rapidly pass so we actually might have to get a little bit organized.  Forsooth.  Just as I am getting used to letting each come, I will need to figure out which "to do" needs to be done in which order and what is the priorities.  And to be still and calm during this whole process.

Julien's big Solar collector project.  Last incarnation was a satellite dish
 Fortunately I have my partner and many friends, some of which we have already seen.  Off to see what mail and packages greet us today.

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