Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 25 - Nature's Bounty

I love farmer's markets.  Every where we travel, we look for possible markets to support and purchase fresh local foods.  Sometimes the timing works out.
Asparagus from Eastern Washington
Beaverton Farmer's Market is one of the best, especially this time of year.  I brought my new Olympus camera with me to shoot some photos.
Local Beets
Huge it is and well attended.  I forgot to take photos of the booths because it was so busy and crowded.
I just tried to shoot photos of some groupings of wonderful fruits and veggies.
Asparagus Tamale.  Yes it is!  and yummy to boot
And some flowers too.
Flowers for sale
Then I got distracted and here it is Friday and tomorrow is Farmer's market so we do it all over again. Like Ground Hog Day, or The Edge of Tomorrow without guns.
The first of 3 flats we have eaten in the past week
heh, heh.......

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