Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 24 - A blessing, a meeting and the long walk

Finally getting things situated here.  Insurance, vehicle registrations, packing, unpacking, passports renewed, and yes, eating lots of strawberries. LOTS.
Expansion Hall rededication
We also rededicated the Expansion Hall here at Ananda Laurelwood last evening to renew the energy, and open it up to new uses.  I still have my office (in that back corner in photo above).

Love the reflection in the window
 Then we get up real early for weekly leadership meeting online through Google Hangouts with folks in other geographic locations.  Usually we attend remotely via our iPad but this week I got to be here in person with some of the folks.

Today I saw this really cool Chevy.  I don't know much about classic cars but do know this one is a favorite.
 After depositing our quarterly tax payments at the post office, I stopped by our storage locker to check on things.  It is always interesting because, despite the close proximity of the locker to the entrance of the facility, I have to walk way down to the back end punch in the security codes and then walk all the way back down to the front end again to reach our locker.
 Sure enough.  Our household furniture is still there.  Dry and safe.  I was even able to find the box with camera gear boxes in it so I can now sell some extra camera gear.  Didn't find the Blu Ray DVD player because it is way in the back, I think and wasn't about to haul everything out right now.  Oh well.

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