Saturday, November 19, 2011

one LONG day!

Rest stop north of Bakersfield
Our goal when we travel in the RV is to relax, enjoy the ride, and be open to the adventure of a new day wherever it takes us. Sometimes when you travel, you need to make a push to get across a stretch which will make the other days a bit easier.  Friday was one of the "push" days.  We drove about 400 miles today, stopping only a couple times for lunch and short stretch. From Lodi, through Stockton to Hwy 99 then down the valley, turning left at Bakersfield up to the Mojave desert.  Calm day really and driving in low clouds through Tehachapi, then pushed had by a strong tailwind across the dry mojave. As a result, we drove thru Barstow, CA at dusk with a strong tailwind

Our destination is Calico Ghost Town east of Barstow up in the hills.  Once is was home to the largest silver mine in the west!  Now a county park and quite nice.  We arrived without reservation and found a campsite with our headlights.  Setting up basic camp takes only 15 minutes then we were off exploring in the dark.  Location provided shelter from the driving desert winds. We needed to find a gas station capable of handling Allegra and and Mr. Toad at the same time but we found one nearby where we will gas up both vehicles Saturday then park Allegra nearby while we wait for Union Pacific 844 to arrive in Yermo around 10:30 with some friends on it.  but that is the next story.

Betty Boop at Peggy Sue's Diner in Yermo, CA
After we reconned the area, we found this 50's diner near the gas station called "Peggy  Sue's"  wow.  she likes all the golden oldies.  the food was fun and tasty. garden burgers, curly fries, and the highlight of the evening: a real CHOCOLATE MALT made with real ice cream!!  doesn't get much better.  the place was upbeat and freindly.  Lots of people of our generation.  Autographed pictures of famous Hollywood actors all over the walls as this was on the direct Freeway route from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.  We thought this character was pretty cute here!!

Now we spend a couple days exploring Mojave preserve and photographing UP 844 both in Yermo and also tomorrow at Kelso Depot in Mojave preserve.

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