Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trains Trains Trains!

BNSF Eastbound near Daggett, CA 
Hadn't realized how busy the train tracks are in Barstow area.

Saturday morning we were set to meet the UP steam train where the UP and BNSF tracks split at Daggett, Ca. W

UP eastbound near Daggett, CA
We thought we would get there early, find a good spot and wait.

Old Garage in Daggett, CA
However, the steam train was 2 hrs late and the biting cold wind was blowing hard. Over those two hours we saw almost 15 trains! Patience paid off

UP Steam near Dagget, CA
UP steam train finally showed up with our friends which we chauffeured over to their hotel and off to Peggy sue's diner for a late lunch. Also ran into another friend from Los Angeles area who joined us. Fun time visiting, however we were way late departing Daggett around 3 PM with sunset at 4:45.

This was one of those decision times: Do we head 100 miles out to Mojave reserve to camp at a high altitude (4,00 ft) as originally planned or do we head over to Amboy crater (700 ft) and boondock for the night? Being the ever prudent (ha ha) souls we are, Amboy crater was the decision.

As we drove along I-40, I couldn't help wondering if we made the right decision. Arriving near dusk, we were greeted by a cute little dog and a very big sky.

Very quiet! A couple other motor homes and no one else. Plus the price was right! (free).  oh yes, here is a pic of the sunset I snapped with iphone. Turns out not so quiet some of the time when a BNSF train rolls nearby.

Sunset from Amboy Crater, California
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