Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back in Tucson...early

Icicles on bike rack
Woke up at 4 AM for photoshoot last Sunday morning to a very cold morning with a dusting of snow and some icicles hanging on back of bike rack. Had checked the weather forecast the night before which predicted some snow coming so checked again and it forecasted 2-4 inches of snow Sunday night into Monday morning. Hmm...the workshop finishes Monday morning.  Do we risk staying? I headed out to Bosque for morning shoot, stopping, with several other guys, at the crane pools in northwest corner of reserve.  As light developed, we could tell weather was moving in from the south. In fact the morning sunrise was not happening.

Snow Geese Blastoff with Cranes Ready for takeoff
As daylight unveiled, the light was flat and we wondered if we could get any good photos. It was 26 degrees with a little nor-easterly wind so nice for takeoff photos. Decided to focus on practicing shooting the takeoffs and managed to get one "ok" shot of some geese blasting off with cranes readying for takeoff.  Other photos were dark and flat.  Around 8 AM, I rechecked the forecast, bid everyone farewell, and headed back to the motorcoach where Sraddha already was packing up.  We headed out a little after 9 AM with weather moving in.  Staying on the interstate to Hatch, NM, then taking shortcut to Deming we skirted across the front of the storm getting a few snowflakes enroute to Tucson, which we reached about half hour before dark.

Good thing.

Friends Subaru in Socorro.  we missed this by leaving early
The next morning, we got a call from one of the men, I had met during the workshop who said they were snowed in and couldn't leave in their Subaru until Tuesday!  The interstate was closed and even the road into Bosque was closed.  They were just staying in the motel and processing photos.  and we are in Tucson under partly cloudy skies. I compared the weather. Lesse.  23/9 temps in Socorro, NM and 49/29 in Tucson.  We learned a lot about life in the right lane here.  Motorcoach and really cold temps do not mix well.  Yes, if we were stuck, we would survive but might have some issues with something breaking.  Yes we would not freeze but might be stuck in Socorro for a few more days.  While not the worst thing to happen, we would not want to drive the motorcoach on snowy roads and we now have a week in Tucson to enjoy the Sonora desert and I can spend some time catching up on photos, sleep, and other aspects of natural world.  We will return to Bosque because it is a magical place, in fact would love to spend another week there, but not in this cold temps unless we are staying in a motel where it is warmer at night and we are not fighting the elements.  Either I am getting wiser, or just plain older.  that is yet to be determined.  More posts soon as we are heading over to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum which is 10 minutes away to explore.

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