Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunrise and Cassius

There's joy in the heavens this morning
Even though we are home now, the camera is still on.  Yesterday I looked outside as we were making coffee to see a rapidly developing sunrise.  Quick, where is the camera?  ok.  Tripod?  Out in car.  Yikes! it is going fast.  Only a few minutes.

Head out to back yard as the clouds deepen in color filling the sky.  but the trees mask a lot of the sky so where to find something in foreground to add.  Ah,  the little metal angel we stick in one of the flower pots on the deck. And voila!  a photo is born.  Cropping it in photoshop turned out pretty well.  might use it for our Christmas card.

This morning we arose and headed up to the ridge to meet our freinds, Barb & Dave and her daughter, Bailey who is visiting from Oregon.  She brought her beautiful St. Bernard dog, Cassius who posed for us.  We were going to use flash to fill in the front of Cassius while the sunlight was backlighting however, neither Barb nor I could get it to work, then other people came by and Cassius was, of course, the center of attention.  Still fun and I did get one decent photo.

Think tomorrow is a sleep in day.

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