Friday, December 23, 2011

Bosque Pano from last month's trip

Packages all wrapped now. Christmas cards all sent (albeit late). Now catching up on other things like the blog.  need to do this everyday.

Was reviewing some of the photos from our recent trip to southwest and happened onto this one of one of the cornfields in Bosque del Apache where the geese and cranes fly in daily to feed.  It is actually a 7 frame pano that I stitched together.  the 7 frames were actually 3 photos each done at multiple exposures then processed with a piece of software to blend together and capture a wider dynamic range of light.  Called HDR photography, it really helps sometimes to capture in a  photo both brightest and darkest areas.

The human eye can see 11 F stop range so HDR usually does +2 or 4 and -2-4 which captures up to 9 F stops so to speak.  I also enhanced the color with another adjustment software.  The size of the photoshop file was 350 mb so I reduced it to just a small number in photoshop.

This is probably way more than most of you wanted to know but I did think you would enjoy this pic!.

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