Friday, September 7, 2012

Feet Don't Fail Me Now!

Note to reader: this post was made back in September 7 while on the Oregon coast, and somehow ended up in my drafts folder until i just found it.  So enjoy and we do love the little "feet".
September 7, 2012

Last week we bought these cool "FiveFingers" shoes with Vibram soles at REI in Portland.  Several people have recommended them and we were intrigued.  We wear Chaco sandals much of the time in the summer (and Sraddha wears them much of the winter).  I wear Keen sandals and shoes much of the time also.  When hiking, I wear boots of course up in the high sierra mountains, but I get blisters sometimes.

Anyway, we have been wearing these a little around camp for a couple hours at a time. Well, yesterday, we decided to hike in them.  We walked the beach which is really cool and sand is soft.  The Vibram soles have good traction and some firmness, but you can feel the ground, almost like barefoot without the issues of bare feet.  We walked several miles on the beach.  The other day we road our bicycles with them

In the afternoon, we decided to hike in the Sitka Spruce Forest of Oswald West State Park.  Now this is a real trail with rocks and tree trunks and dirt and mud and water.  And it was a 6 mile hike.  As we were walking I kept feeling the earth which was really neat.  We had been warned to break them in so I was a little concerned with overdoing it however, in the end, my legs and feet felt fine.  The last 1/2 mile was a little had since it was mostly gravel and I could "feel it"  but tonight my feet feel fine.  Think  I will give it a rest today as we will be driving many hours south to Newport area.  But will walk in them again on Saturday.

Oh, yes, one other thing I noticed was no back or knee pain from hiking.  Hmm.  Coincidence?
Our feet today!

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