Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yaquina Bay and Newport

Love the iPhone front camera
Have spent the weekend in Newport, OR at the Marina RV park.  We have been staying at state parks for the past week and began the weekend at South Beach State Park on Friday night.  However, when we arrived at the park, we discovered that 1) the spot we occupied was right near the entrance and we heard the many diesel trucks and other vehicles driving past all the time; and 2) we the trees blocked the satellite reception and it was opening weekend of NFL.


Sraddha called the Marina RV park and we scored a spot for Saturday and Sunday!  Right across the street from the aquarium which we will visit on Monday.  We biked over Friday night to the Marina from the state park to scope it out and agreed that, while different from our normal digs, this would be a fun experiment.

Yaquina Point Lighthouse.  Go Giants!
Saturday morning we packed up, moved out of the park to the day use area where we left the RV, and drove up north to Yaquina point Lighthouse area where we ate our breakfast by the lighthouse.

We went down to the beach area to see some harbor seals, but didn't stay too long because it was cold and blustery.
Harbor Seals
Here's Looking at you kid!
We drove up to Devil's Punchbowl but too cold to go down to the beach so we just ate some ice cream instead.
Ice Cream Truck Heaven

We toured the Bay front area, returned, and moved the RV over to the Marina.  Relaxing and quiet.  We explored the estuary nearby and then watched a little college football.  Unfortunately, my Huskies got creamed by LSU as expected.  Actually worse than expected.  Glad I am detached from it all.  hehe.

Later I walked around the area looking for photo opportunities.  Not very good lighting but managed to take a few.  Sunday we watched the NFL...all day. Except for a little walk to take some photos below.

Afternoon cloud at Yaquina Bay.  

Newport Marina

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