Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Land's End

We made it to the coast. After an relaxing drive up to Ananda Laurelwood followed by several days of volunteer efforts,seeing old friends and being inspired by others, we headed out to the coast.

Spent 2 night up on Long Beach peninsula where we biked and hiked around Oysterville

We explored Lewis and Clark expedition at the interpretive center. It's been 208 years since their lanark expedition. Amazing journey. Was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson. What a visionary. Opened up the west. Sid you know they spent the first winter in North Dakota with temps falling to 40 degrees below zero? Fascinating to read excerpts from their journals.

Tuesday we journeyed back over the Columbia river to the south side and Fort Stevens State Park. Great bike trails. This morning we rode out to the south jetty where the mouth of Columbia empties into the ocean. This is "Land's End" for Oregon. About 6 miles from campground.

What also is along is to walk throight the old artillery batteries on both sides of the river. Some set up as far back as civil war. Others mainly for WW I and WW II. Then decommissioned after.

Did you know that on June 21, 1943, a Japanese sub fired on the area just south of Astoria? Fort Clatsop near Lewis and Clark's winter camp of 1804-1805.

Land's End - South Jetty on Columbia River
Oyster Crossing at Oysterville, Washington.  
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