Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Home for New Year.

Happy New Year All

As we did last year, we put our RV, CharLi in covered storage in Tempe, AZ last Friday and drove home.  Takes a day and a half of easy boring driving and we were ready to get back to the barn.  So it was west of I-10 to 210 to I-5 and north on I-5 to I-80 at Sack of Tomatoes then east and north east.  Stopping for the usual shopping and filling up the larder for home and we arrived by 3 PM Saturday December 29.

Happy New Year Morning in our back yard

So here we are in this beautiful cold, frosty forest again, we call home.  Both of us under the weather a little from exposure to a 2 year old petri dish we love and adore named Zana who is my great niece, and thankful the first few days are relaxed. The typical mid winter dry spell is upon us, with sunny skies warming the temps up to a balmy 48-50 during the day.  Wood fire in fireplace burning non-stop this time of year.

Backyard frost
So we settle into a "routine" if there is such a thing.  I am back at the office weekdays and Sraddha working on various projects around house and community.  Arizona still vivid in some ways, dreamlike in others.  And CharLi awaits re-awakening in Arizona for our our return in March.

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