Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Ccccccooooolllldddd out there

He said, snugly enscounced near the wood stove inside his little cabin in the woods.  Actually, I caught a little chest cold while in Scottsdale with my family (and the 2 year old petri dish, Zana) and then fell off my bicycle so am all bruised up.  And those are my lame excuses.  Pretty lame as am I.

2013 does begin with promise though.  I bought a printer to actually try printing some photos. Will see.  Mostly for fun around here. Just arrived and am still setting it up.

We have been laying low,  working on projects such as re-arranging office, planning our spring trips, and watching the football playoffs.

My life long team, the Seahawks were compelling until they tripped up yesterday in Atlanta
so now I am on the Niner's bandwagon.  Shamelessly on the bandwagon.

Am contemplating a blog design change for this year so you may see something new here.

If you get this far, check out my model railroad blog for another perspective.

Well, back to the fire.
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