Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mr & Mrs Bufflehead visit the Duck Pond at Ananda Village

Spent some time Friday and Saturday photographing our little buddies the Buffleheads.  They are about 6 inches long and are constantly diving into the depths of the pond seeking out food on the bottom. From the road you only see this white speck,  So I got out the big lens combo and when I zoom in with my big lens at 700mm the crop it down you get some good pix. 

 Thought you might enjoy. (click on pix to enlarge then right arrow to scroll through, then escape to back out of photos if you want).  Have fun. I did.

Enjoying a quiet moment before the Goose invasion

searching for next dive spot

Raise up to dive

Dive  this whole motion in less than a second

Just came up from dive

Got an itch?  scratch it

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