Friday, January 31, 2014

An Owly Sunset tonight

Time to call evening quits. I wrote 3 blogposts tonight. We are in Whitewater Draw in SE Arizona near Bisbee.  Thousands of sandhill cranes. I have photos which will process and post later.  We arrived last night in the parking lot where we are camped for 2 night.s Storm coming through.  No rain but lots of wind. Strong winds.  No issue with being inside but tiring to be outside in it.  However, Good internet, so I can post all of this stuff.

Different from a 3 dog night
The sunset tonight was spectacular. As we gazed at the spectacular sunset tonight through our front window Sraddha noticed the Great Horned Owl we saw earlier in day fly out of his roost and up onto a post.  I had my big lens already set up with camera for the cranes so I grabbed it, went outside, walked up fairly close and got this shot of his silouhette against the sunset.  Only photo so far processed from big camera.

Great Horned Owl admiring the sunset
More to come when we get to Tucson this weekend.

-Blessings from the road
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