Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lost Dutchman Mine State Park

After spending the holidays in the Tucson area, we decided to move north a couple hours to the Valley of the Sun aka Phoenix area.  I thought Tucson was spread out.  It is a small city where the spread is at least comprehensible.  Phoenix is a BIG city and the spread is vast.  Several county regional parks encompass the valley of the sun and one state park lies east of Phoenix and Apache Junction.

our campsite looking up into Superstition mountains

At the base of the Superstition Mountains, created from a volcanic uplift many eons ago.  A mine was built near the base by a dutchman named Jacob Wolfe who got lost one day and found gold, hence the name "Lost Dutchman" as the legend tells it.

Hiking up to the base of the superstions

Many hiking trails begin at the campground and we are enjoying them.  2,3-5 miles or more.  We even tried a mountain bike trail yesterday with our bikes, but had to walk the steep parts out of a sense of self preservtion. ;)

Geez, he has white legs.  must get out more in the sun?
After arriving here, I immediately flew back to California for 4 days to turnover my old position as IT Director for Ananda Village to a good friend, Joseph Selbie who will take this to the next steps.  Woo Hoo.  I am officially retired.  Of course, at Ananda, you are never really retired, just in between opportunities to serve.  Heh Heh.  Actually I have only one responsibility now the online library, and am enjoying it.  More later

Below you can see the campground in the distance and Phoenix is beyond the far mountains

It must have rained recently because some of the Brittle bush is blooming

Interesting algae on some of the rocks.  Never seen blue Algae before.  Lots of green and reds but first time some blue

Looking up into the high Superstitions. you can see the results of volcanic upthrust from a caldera which then has eroded over past 25 million years.  Gold and Amethyst have been found in the area. We are standing at about 2100 ft.  the top of the peaks is about 4100 ft.

Another view of our campsite tucked amidst the cactus and trees.  there seems to be plenty of room and views everywhere.  It is QUIET HERE.

Ah, one of the wonderful Arizona sunsets the other night.

Same sunset, now reflected off the side of our home

Temps range from low 40's to 70 but mainly daytime in 60's this time of year.  Quite pleasant.
We will remain here 2 weeks until Jan 20 then move to one of the regional parks for a week or so before returning to Tucson area.

- Blessings from the Road
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