Friday, January 31, 2014

Indian Country and water rights!

When I say Indian country, I don't mean on the continent of asia, nor do I mean Afghanistan when our troops venture out into the backwoods, (or sometimes down the road).  I mean real indian country, where the Apache Indians roamed.  More on this later.

Situated in Eastern- Southeastern, Arizona, to distinguish this from South-Southeastern Arizona which is Bisbee and Whitewater Draw (next post), and all those fun places we love to visit. It is not northeastern Arizona where Winslow and the Navaho Nation is.  More south central eastern because it is near the New Mexico border north of I-10.

The Route
We departed McDowell Regional Park (see previous post) heading east through the copper mining region of Globe Arizona then onto the San Carlos Apache Indian reservation.  Just drove through en route to Safford, Arizona where we camped in Roper Lake State Park.  I wish I was better at photos like RVSue or Nina over at Wheelingit blogosphere. But, then this blog is mainly for friends and family.

Actually I don't like the google blogger sphere and am thinking about switching to wordpress but it seems converting is really a lot of work so I might just start over and reference this site.
Enuf of a riff here.  Let's get back to the story.  Actually not much of a story.

Well there is a little bit of a story.
Ya see, our water pump gave stopped working at Lost Dutchman a while back.  Ouch. This is used when we are en route or when dry camping. We didn't really need it at the time since we were hooked up to city water and same for McDowell.  However it loomed over us because we wanted to boondock later on in deep SE Arizona at Whitewater Draw (next post). How to fix?  I am pretty handy so I called Tiffin, spoke with a tech who advised I check the voltage of the wires to the pump.  Hmm. I used to do this sorta thing with my model railroad and have voltmeter.  yep  no power to pump.  Now what to do?  I tried to find a repair place but none very close by so ruled that idea out.  Maybe a mobile repairman?  I found one, called the answering service and they never called back.  Darn.  If not repaired then we are limited to staying in parks or RV resorts with water and, while driving down the road, had to pour water down the toilet to rinse.. (probably more than you wanted to know right?).

Bright Idea
As we drove through Apache reservation down highway 70 through from Globe to Safford, I had the bright idea that maybe, just maybe, there was an RV repair shop in Safford?  Sraddha googled this and found Trek RV repair and sales  (no website tho). We drove there and stopped in.  Talked with the nieest people and discussed our problem.  Geez, I need to get more photos here.  Alas.  We made appointment for next morning to bring Charli (our RV) in for a look see. Off to Roper Lake State Park nearby.   We arrived early enough in the day to score a nice view spot.  Walked around a bit.  A small park but internet worked well.  I was worn out from driving so didn't do much. Sraddha walked all around the lake seeing many species of birds.

Finally, here is my one photo for this post.

Our morning view at Roper Lake State Park.  Mt Graham in distance at 10,000 fot elevation
Our Water Rights Restored
Next morning we got up early for our power walk then headed into town for our repair appointment.  they got us right in, told us a good breakfast place and to expect a call within an hour.  We went for a mexican breakfast of tamales and enchiladas.  And sure enough, got a call within an hour.  A new water pump was needed.  Worthwhile investment of time and money.  Actually not too expensve.  Yes, I could have fumbled around and installed one myself but it woulf have taken at least 3 trips to hardware store for parts like last fall in Lone Pine when I installed the inverter myself.  This was quick, easy, fun, nice people and we were on our way south to the next destination...Whitewater draw where  the rest of the Sandhill Cranes, not in Bosque del Apache, hang out in the winter.

-Blessings from the road
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