Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big trip tomorrow to Southwest and Texas Gulf Coast

Friday morning we depart home for a 2 month trip. Well I will fly home for 2 weeks in the middle of the trip to work.  We hope this journal will be inspiring to you.

As you may recall, we left our motorhome under covered secure storage near Tempe, AZ last December so it wouldn't have to face the "harsh" winter of northern California.  So much for harsh winter.  Nevertheless, it is time to embark on a new adventure!  We load up the Jeep today whilst I have a full day of work and clinic board meeting tonight.  Packing has not been as frenetic as past times because we don't have to pack that much.  Some clothes;  some food like my favorite jam and peanut butter which we cannot get easily on the road;  a few things we have purchased for the motorhome, etc.

We hope to arrive at the storage lot by mid day Saturday, re-connect the batteries, start the motorhome and down to Catalina State Park just north of Tucson before dark.  We are bringing jumper cables in case the batteries have drained out.

After replenishing supplies, checking all systems (and hopefully not having to repair anything major), we will depart Tucson Wednesday March 22 for a 2 day journey into Big Bend National Park which lies on the Rio Grande river that separates Mexico from Texas south of El Paso.

To give you a distance perspective.
Driving distance:

  • 950 miles = Ananda Village to Tucson 
  • 350 miles = Tucson to El Paso, TX
  • 330 miles = El Paso TX to Big Bend National Park
  • 570 miles = Big Bend National Park to Port Aransas, Tx (Gulf Coast)

So, what's the big deal?  nothing.  takes us 2 days of easy driving to get to Tucson in jeep because we can drive in the left lane on the freeway.  350 miles in motorhome is 7 hours in the right lane so not too bad if you add a couple more hours in there for stops.  then another day to Big Bend.

After spending a few days in Big Bend Park we will drive down to Texas Gulf Coast, specifically Port Aransas on Mustang Island, which is a barrier island outside Corpus Christi, Texas. See map below.  you might have to click on the minus sign on upper left to zoom out a little to get the perspective.

View Larger Map

I will fly home a few days later to work in office having remotely worked while on the road, then return 2 weeks later to Corpus.  We will spend a few days up on the Bolivar Peninsula north of Galveston, then 2 weeks driving home, arriving mid April.

Our return route will be determined by weather, however our preference would be to drive north up to Amarillo and follow Route 66 westward through New Mexico and northern Arizona.  Will see if weather cooperates.  It didn't last December.  We will be posting regularly to this blog with updates and photos.  stay tuned.
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