Monday, February 20, 2012

Tucson - Resting at Catalina

Resting in Tucson.  While we had cruised through most of our checklists to restore the RV to working and traveling order, I decided to take the afternoon off while Sraddha visited the Tucson museum of art.  After resting and reading for a while I repacked and consolidated the camera gear into a different bag. I had purchased a little tuner hooked it up between the antenna and the old standard definition tv so we could get HD over-the-air channels if we wanted. Unfortunately we could not get the PBS channel but we could get local news if wanted. All in all, it was a nrestful afternoon

Vereo with breakfast snack outside our RV
Yesterday morning as we set outside drinking morning beverages we watched birds.  No surprise there.  We had set out our bird feeder and the neighbors (mentioned before) had 2 bird feeders so we see a lot of activity.  I got the camera out and was able to shoot this Vereo who landed nearby.  Not a good photo because the background is washed out and I don't have the photoshop skills yet to fix it but he had a bug in his mouth.  kinda made the picture

Cooked dinner for S from some of the frozen (and now thawed) items we brought from home and she read to me before bed time.  This has become an evening favorite activity.  We are currently reading the Biography of Yogananda by J Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda).

Today we head over to Camping World (about 45 minute drive) to get Water heater checked.  Seems the last time we heated with propane we got a lot of black soot coating the outside wall of the RV.  We have been using the electrical heater while staying at parks, but the campsite in Big Bend doesn't have electrical so will be dry camping and want to have this functioning correctly.  plus a couple minor other things.   This could take an hour or half a day.  Will see.  Sraddha is going to shop for a small list of non grocery items like a 5/8's open ended wrench to replenish the one she accidentally dropped behind a wall under the sink and now we can't get it out wtihout removing half the motorhome wall.  and some batteries, etc.

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