Thursday, February 23, 2012

On the Road to Texas

Near Las Cruces, New Mexico
Drove 550 miles in 11 hours.  not bad considering we stopped 2 times for propane.  The first time we stopped and fueled up in New Mexico at a place we knew had propane but the pump was broken so we stopped again just across the Texas border and filled up.  All in all a long but stress-free day.  Drove last 2 hours in the dark through some hilly country with elevations nearing 5000 ft.  Found a small quiet RV park in which to sleep that enabled us to pull through without un-hitching the toad.  we hooked up electrical and water and have a place to dump waste in the morning. (this is the morning after).

I couldn't get the mifi internet to function last night.  there had been a outage so typing this in the morning

Sunset in Texas
We entered Texas through El Paso and drove 120 miles to Van Horn through some hilly country along the Rio Grande then turned south.  Sun was setting so I jumped out at shot this pic. from across the fence.  Got a big sticker in my shoe clear up through the sole into my foot.  Ouch.  Srtaddha said that is why Teans wear boots all the time.  So the California sandals get put away for our hiking boots during the stop in Big Bend.

Not sure of internet access while in Big Bend.  will take lots of pics and try to resurface to post sometime in next few days.

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