Friday, November 29, 2013

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

One of our favorite places as you might know is the ASDM or Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.

We had arrived in Tucson, staying for first night in our usual High end RV resort where the laundry room just a few steps away so we could do laundry, clean up, etc then move out to west tucson to be near the museum.  We had an appointment with an RV dealer to get the slide out aligned the next morning so I headed over there in rain whilst Sraddha went out in search of our next campsite.

She returned with good news that we had a wonderful spot at the county campground just south of the museum.  Our favorite site there and one of our all time faves to boot!

The work on the RV took most of day so we went shopping and also hit the local Costco in search of one of our favorite junk food "Costco Crack" we call it which is actually a Chicago mix of kettle corns.  We love to eat this while watching football.  Yes we do have some vices.  Hehe..

It rained much of Saturday and Sunday so we hunkered down then went out to the museum for a while.
Monday cleared off so we began our daily early morning visit to the museum which included the 10 AM Raptor free flight.  I love being there at 0830 when they open because it is really quiet.  The little birds are still viewable and photographable.  Once free flight is over the school buses arrive with little kids and the place gets busy and noisy so we usually depart.

We met this wonderful couple, Loren and Paul who were on vacation and avid wildlife photographers who shot with the small Micro four-thirds cameras.  they were there every morning like us so we got to spend many visits and hope to see them again.  More later on Paul who is a drummer for broadway shows traveling around the nation.  He will be here in Tucson late February with the tour of Wizard of Oz so I hope to attend and also we can do some more photography.

To tantalize you below are a couple pix I shot with the big camera using my 70-200mm lens.  you can see many more of these photos on my personal photo sites.  My flickr site address is here.  Even more shots of ASDM are here on my real photography site.

Harris Hawk.  They fly in families

Prairie Falcon


REd Tailed hawk
We had thanksgiving in our RV and watched football of course.  We are so thankful for this experience and for all of you who read this blog.
Off to New Mexico for annual visit to Bosque Del Apache Wildlife refuge.
PS  the slide out did not get fixed so we have an appointment with yet another dealer when we return.
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