Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Las Vegas Nighllife!

Oh Boy.  We needed some service on the Jeep transmission from a Jeep dealer and also some work on RV so decided to head to las Vegas area.  The city itself is just a big small city.  The people were gracious, real and wonderful.  We are not night owls and do not like noise and bright lights.  We like quiet and soft unless it is nature.

We found the jeep dealer and while it was being serviced we test drove the new Jeep Cherokee.  Wow what a nice vehicle.  Memo to Kent:  Keep an eye on this one for future....

Then there is "The Strip".  A friend had recommended we visit the Bellagio so we decided, after fixing the jeep and RV to visit.  We drove down to the strip, found the Bellagio (hard to miss even in LV) and looked for parking.  All around are big parking garages.  OOPS!  Our Rocket Box is 2 inches to high to get clearance. What to do?  we drove down back roads and finally found a shopping mall about 1 mile distant where we could park.  Get out and walk.  Ok.  we like walking.  but on the strip it was different.  I have been to Hong Kong, New York, London etc.  Lad Vegas another world.  Fantasy land.

Chihuly exhibit in Bellagio Lobby
We finally made it to the Bellagio and were amazed.  Walked all around the area gawking at the amazing art and tasteful decor.

Looking straight up
Then we tried to find a place to eat dinner.  Gulp!  Those who know me, know I like my food well prepared and don't mind spending for good food but the prices were ridiculous.  In addition the smoke from the casino bothered me.  So we left.

Outside on the strip we walked along the lake and watched the fountains dance.

Bellagio fountains dancing

We wanted to go to the Apple store to download the latest IOS update for free using high speed wifi.  this was over in Circus Circus shopping mall. Maybe we can find a nice quiet restaurant over there? Big mistake.  We walked and walked and walked some more and finally found the APple store way in the back.  downloaded the updates but the restaurants were...meh!

We finally found our way back to car, both with headaches from the smoke.   We departed, I looked on Yelp and we found a Macaroni Grill late evening about 0930. Whew Food at last.

We had our Vegas fix for this lifetime.  Sure we might go back again sometime for repairs and there is some cool places nearby but I don't think we will go to the strip anytime soon.

Now back to nature and reality.

- Blessings from the Road

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