Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Death Valley

Rummaging around on my iPhone for a few more pix from Death Valley I found these.  Tho DV is in the rear view mirror this year, we have fond memories and may visit again in February with some photo friends.  Will see.  Again these are iphone pix.  not my good ones which can be found over on my flickr account.
Me at Teakettle Junction, my temporary "office"  on cell phone
We visited a ghost town just east of DV.  not much there but this old Caboose was somewhat preserved.  Think the Black and White perspective makes it look more interesting than the color version.

Some desert rats must be nearby in this photo.  Maybe up in those rocks waiting to ambush poor unsuspecting tourists like us.  Better git to gittin'.

Many years about this area was tumultuous under sea then compressed.  Makes for interesting designs in this canyon.

Ah, the Mesquite Dunes.  Too bad people had to walk along them.  I did.  see my tracks?
So varied and interesting the various geologies.

Driving along the valley floor in the RV.
We camped at Stovepipe Wells where we had an expansive view of the valley and a lot of space around us away from people.  Almost secluded.

- Blessings from the Road

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