Monday, November 25, 2013

Sand dunes in Death Valley

Still catching up on blog posts from Death Valley.  Where are the google balloons for wifi when you need them?  (answer is "in New Zealand, dummy, the USA would never allow them here").

Near Stovepipe Wells campground where we stayed in NW death Valley lay these enormous Mesquite Flat Dunes.  Turns out Death Valley has 5 different kinds of dunes.  Didn't know there were that many and don't know the differences yet but these dunes were really cool.  We could hike about a half mile out to them from the road so on 3 different mornings we got up early before dawn and hiked out to different locations.  I photographed many shots with big camera and took a few with iphone.    here they are.

- Blessings from the Road

Big camera ready to shoot.

Yes that is me hiking along a ridge.  I took the photo at same time.  pretty cool huh?

Don't we cast a long shadow?
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