Friday, November 16, 2012

Off the the Desert Southwest today

Update: We elected to drive down the interstate then east on Hwy 58 past Bakersfield up through tehachapi to the Mojave Desert.
So It appears we did NOT try to make it over Donner Pass which we haven't been able to do in past trips. Snow level above 6500 (Pass is 7200) and weather very light so w think the highway could be light slushy snow on top so we were going to try it.  Then down through Nevada to pick up I-40 across northern Arizona.  Planning to spend Thanksgiving in Albuquerque.
All packed and now to shut down here at home and be off.  Stay tuned for more soon.
This morning as we departed house at Ananda Village

Down to Village center to hook up Jeep in towing mode.

On the road late afternoon with sum on Yogananda statue on our dashboard.

We will stay in an Orange Grove tonight.

Location:I-5 S,Buttonwillow,United States

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