Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rocks masquerading as Trees

Yesterday, we toured Through the petrified Forest national Park. Was a fascinating experience of looking at 2 million years history.

According to scientists this geographical area used to be the same latitude as the country of Panama about 200 million years and there were dense forests rivers similar to the Amazon River area

We explored a couple trails and shot a few photographs of some of the huge blocks that were left over when volcanoes exploded and buried them in a fashion similar to Mount St. Helens.

Now we are in Albuquerque area for Thanksgiving. Here are some photos.

We photographed the Painted Desert in the background

A perspective of the size of the petrified logs

This is the biggest one in the area.  Huge roots

Amazing colors.  They sit naturally where they are found

Long Bubba broken in pieces

More crystalline than agate like in this one.

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