Sunday, November 25, 2012

Talk about the ultimate off-road RV.

As we departed early this morning from our little stay north of Albuquerque, I saw this RV sitting in the park. Had to stop and snap a pic.

Wow. Custom built somewhere in USA because I saw a video on them. Don't need a spare jeep with this puppy.

Anyway, we arrived in Socorro about 75 miles south and watching pro football while waiting for photo buddies to arrive from Tucson.

We don't have cable here at our RV spot and antenna doesn't work so watching satellite. We can't receive the network channels because we are out of Sacramento range. We do get the NFL package so watch the games.

HOWEVER, and this is big, if a game is being shown on the Sacramento network channel, it is blocked on the satellite. Thus, we don't get to watch the 49er game. Bummer. Well we can watch it on the redZone channel that bounces around the different games. There are 3 afternoon games so we get to watch some of the 49er game but not all of it. Oh well.

Almost time to go out and photo shoot the Sandhills cranes as they return, at sunset from feeding all day out in the fields, to the pools of water in the refuge.  The best time to photograph them is the hour before dusk which, today, is around 5 PM, so we will head out around 3 or so.  It takes about 25 minutes to get there and set up.  Will have to see where the best place to photograph depending on the wind because the cranes land into the wind.  More later on this whole scene.
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