Thursday, November 22, 2012

Riding our Bikes on Thanksgiving day

With the temps in mid 60's today and the skies clear, we elected to work off our dinner early with a long bike ride along the Rio Grande river. The Paseo del Bosque Bike Trail, also called the Riverside Bike Path in places, is a lovely 16 mile-long paved bike path, uninterrupted by roadways. The trail parallels the Rio Grande bosque on the east side of the Rio Grande

We drove over to the parking lot on the north end of the 16 mile trail.

Sraddha had already ridden off.

Nice level ride at 5,000 ft elevation.  We cruised along at about 10 mph, then she said, ok to go ahead so I quickly picked up the pace to about 18-19 mph for about 8 miles to the zoo area then turned around to reconnect.  We then road together past the zoo a ways until we had to turn around to get back by 2 PM.

I caught up with her.  Actually this is on the way back

Since I was riding it was hard to shoot pix. All in all we rode 25+ miles. We passed several parks and the zoo where we could see the elephants enjoying their dinner.

Albuquerque is very bike friendly with several bike paved non-road paths and many miles of bike lanes.  We plan to ride again tomorrow and again, hopefully, Saturday before we depart on Sunday morning

Later we drove out to the Tamaya resort for dinner. I snapped this pic as the sun descended in the late afternoon sky.

Sandia mountains in distance

That's Sandia mountain in background. It reminded me how grateful we are for the beautiful country we live in and the clean air to enjoy scenes such as this. There you have the obligatory Thanksgiving note.

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