Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tehachapi loop

Departing Bakersfield we head up Hwy 58 towards Mojave desert. We see this beautiful light in the hills. A good omen.

As The rain pours down back home we enjoy a refreshing ride up the mountain. We always enjoy a visit to one of the railroading mecca's, Tehachapi loop. Pulling off at Keene we follow a train up the pass. I was driving so no good pix. We stopped at overlook to watch the train circle the loop.

We stop further up to have our breakfast. And we could see way down into the loop.

Then up over pass and into tehachapi for refuel. We ❤ Love's.

Across the Mojave desert. Thru Barstow at 2100 ft then descend to Needles, ca along the Colorado river.
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