Friday, March 28, 2014

A Culinary Tour of Arivaca

Today we did varied our plans. This morning we power walked 4 miles out north of our campsite in the brisk cool desert air. I forgot to take a photo of this because we were walking so fast but I did manage to shoot this of my office scene in the RV
My home office
My home office
After breakfast we decided to tour Arivaca. First stop was Gadsden Coffee company west of downtown. The owner roasts his own coffee which is surprisingly good.
Sraddha had a second cup of coffee for the day from their Indo-African roast and I had a double mocha made with Mexican chocolate which was qute tasty. We spent over 2 hours there visiting with locals, using their wifi too.
Wow  a second cuppa coffee
Wow a second cuppa coffee
Nearby was Sweet Peas restaurant and RV park. Hmm. We sat out in back enjoying fresh curried vegetable soup and fresh greens salad. Most of the ingredients we locally sourced. The RV park was empty but we made note for future visits that they did have ability to dump waste.
We met some other locals at the post office who were returning from a little bike trip out in the desert. Apparently lots of open roads to bike. We noticed this too out in the refuge although haven't biked due to winds and doing other things.
Off to the Mercantile to check gas prices (about 20% higher than Tucson as expected), food stocks (not much we would buy, except for emergencies),
Then walked by the La Gitana Cantina, alledgely the longest running Cantina or tavern in Arizona.
Great stop for locals in search of cool beverages of alcoholic nature, which we were not but the dancing girl atop the cantina caught my eye. She turns around in the wind. Research told me that Esquire magazine rated this one of the best 100 bars in USA. Certainly had character but I am not a frequenter of bars so don't really know.
Next door is Virginia's open air Mexican-American food truck. She features daily specials. We had already eaten so didn't imbibe today but tomorrow she will feature Chile Rellenos, one of our favorite dishes so we might have to try it out in the morning when visiting the Saturday farmer's market.
After I finish this in the library, we will head back out to the Arivaca Cienega for a little late afternoon birdwatching and then our campfire. We collected the wood earlier in the week but winds prevented us from doing this.
Tomorrow we will depart to find a new place to explore.

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