Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Photo shoot at St. Anthony's Monastery

Mentioned this earlier in another blog post and wanted to expand the photos here once I processed some.

I got to tag along with Steve and Peggy of the Camera Club of Tucson when they were reconnoitering a place to take the club members for a field trip.  St Anthony's Monastery lies in the middle of the desert about 50 miles north of Tucson, halfway to Phoenix but 10 miles east of the freeway. Literally right in the middle of the desert.  Founded only in 1995 by six monks from Athos, Greece, this Greek Orthodox Monastery is home to 48 monks now and some of the most amazing architecture in recent times.  We walked around and shot a few locations looking for opportunities to bring the group back to teach HDR photography.  I am not sure I will be here then so asked to tag along.  Glad I did. 

Here are a few of the photos I shot. First few were with iPhone.  Last few with big camera and processed.  Click on any of them to see bigger versions.  
Entrance to the Monastery  WAY OUT IN MIDDLE OF DESERT!  Trust me on this one.
Steve and Peggy, my photo companions.  Women have to be fully covered.  They give you the clothes.  HOT!
Interior of St Anthony's Church.  First place we saw
Exterior of St Anthony's Church.  iPhone was a little shaky here
St Nicholas Cathedral interior.  Amazing woodwork
St George's Chapel Exterior getting ready to shoot Panorama with big camera

Now here are a couple photos I shot with big camera:

St George's Chapel Panorama merged from 5 different photos
St George's Chapel West End HDR
And one other interior. Amazing wood work again.  Who is the "sugar daddy" here financing this operation?  A greek shipping magnate?  One wonders.

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