Friday, March 21, 2014

Our Home in Tucson

We have been in southern Arizona since before Thanksgiving.  Arriving in Tucson, we stayed at our usual places we so much love, Catalina State Park and Gilbert Ray county park in Tucson Mountains. Beautiful scenery, quiet at night.  Only drawback was limited stays of 1-2 weeks.

Fairview Manor
Back in December, we searched around for a place we could affordably stay for extended period of time.  We were not interested in the mega-RV resorts with all the amenities we would never utilize.  We also wanted to be centrally located if possible.  Hitting upon the idea of a mobile home park we began to drive around north Tucson in search of one suitable to our needs and tastes.  We googled and we reviewed maps and must have looked at 20 different places.  All were either too run down, not great neighborhoods, too dense, noisy, etc.  Almost out of options we happened to drive past an entrance which we actually passed by and had to turn around and return.

Our home from home
We found a location just inside the north Tucson city limits near Miracle Mile street called Fairview Manor RV park. Gee, it is on Fairview Avenue hence the name.  An "over 55" mostly mobile homes with a few open spaces for RV's with full hookups.  We discovered, upon stopping by the main office, that it had a special daily price with one of our memberships so we decided to stay a few days to try it out.  We ended up staying 10 days because we had to go to Utah the week before Christmas for an unexpected family funeral.  We left Charli, our RV here in safe hands while we drove up in the Mr. Toad, our jeep.

Our view out the front window
We found the park to be friendly and quiet despite its proximity (half mile) from the interstate and railroad mainline. Our neighbors on both sides are quiet and friendly.  Space in between lots is sufficient to feel uncrowded and, best of all, we have a view of the Catalina mountains out our front window.  They even pulled all the weeds the other day around our site. I love the fact that I don't have to mow a lawn, or weed or prune, or any of those household things.

Rillito River bike trail from my bike
We had planned to be up in Phoenix area during January so made plans to spend February and March here, paying on a month to month basis. Sraddha visited Ananda Laurelwood in Oregon for 3 weeks while I spent some of the time traveling to Death Valley, Nevada and then some quiet alone time working on photography and cycling.  Bonus was being near the bike trails only a couple miles away on not very busy roads.

This time is rapidly drawing to a close.  We are preparing to head out early next week on our meandering trip through the rest of southern Arizona, New Mexico, and points north, eventually returning to Ananda Laurelwood, Oregon, sometime in June.

We don't have a fixed schedule which is very different for me.  We are going to take it mostly one day at a time and see where the next place is going to be when we get there.  Not sure how reliable the internet will be but I will attempt to post as time and internet allows.

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