Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A few more days in Tucson

Free Balloons
A key reason we remained in Tucson was to support our friends at Ananda Tucson who exhibited in a booth at the Tucson Festival of Books last weekend.  Tens of thousands of people came to meet authors, play interactive games, walk in the sun, get some food and generally hangout.  I estimate over 400 exhibit booths of all kinds.

Walking down the side road in the festival
Held on the Mall at University of Arizona, the whole area was over 3/4 mile long.  With crowds it took me over 2o minutes to stroll (couldn't walk fast) from one end to the other.

Ananda Tucson booth
 This festival is only 5 years old and we were the new guys on the block, so our booth was on near the far east end across from the music stage.  We arrived 0645 Saturday morning to set up and departed 6:45 PM Sunday night.  Kirtan Saturday night.
Our favorite decorator hard at work
 Fun was had and we met a bunch of new people who seemed to be interested in what we had to offer.

Sraddha and I walked around a lot, ate a bunch of yummy veggie tamales.  Oops, too busy eating to take a photo here.....

We watched a native American couple perform music and dance.  Tony Duncan with his Estan-Bah group is an amazing flute player with several albums on iTunes  Such rich tones. We bought the album he was playing.  So peaceful and deep in spirit sounds.
The family gets into the act
Tony Duncan playing his flute
We also saw this cool fire truck.

 All in all a fun weekend.  Now we are chilling for a few more days here in Tucson since we paid for the whole month at Fairview Manor.  We need to figure out a few things before departure but are itching to get going.  Where you ask?  Not sure yet.  Meander is the word we seem to hear when we consider our options.  Probably south a little bit.  Stay tuned

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