Friday, May 9, 2014

A Big, BIG Boo Boo and The Colorado Monument

Where the heck is The Colorado National Monument?  Well, in Colorado of course. It is near Grand Junction, Colorado off Interstate 70.  Fruita, Colorado, specifically.

Digression time - Departing Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we descended the 5 mile road to the highway without the Jeep attached figuring it would be easier on the RV brakes.  I had run our preflight checklist for departure and missed a very important step.  When we arrived at the bottom Sraddha noticed something dragging.  Our 50 Amp power cord.  Destroyed. Oh no!  We cannot hook up tonight for power.  We had planned to stay in a state park.  What to do?  Fortunately we have the internet.  I googled RV repair in Grand Junction.  Found 2 plaees.  Reached on service department who scheduled me in for early afternoon.  Whew.  We arrived Grand Junction around 1:30 and dropped off the RV.  We picked out a new one and headed out for for some shopping and to check out the state park.  They installed it and we were back out the door by 4 PM off to the new campsite. With $200 less in our pockets. Whew.  Another bullet dodged.

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you."  An old adage I have heard years ago. This time we ate the bear so to speak.  Dodged a bullet.  Didn't panic. Well a little bit of "oh Rats" but Sraddha bucked me up with her positive attitude.  She even drove back to campsite to find the adapter which was fell off.  Ok, ok, true confession time.  When I drove out of the campsite, I had not disconnected the power cord.  Senior moment here?  Fortunately no damaged to the power post at the campground that we know of.  Drug the cord 5 miles down the highway at 25-35 mph. Must have been a sight.

Anyway, I digress.  

Colorado National Monument
Up until 10 days ago we had no idea this place existed until someone we met in a campground told us about it.
Independence Rock
Only 2 hours from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, it completes the circuit for us of all the National Parks and Monuments in the greater four corners region encompassing Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

The Coke Ovens
We departed the repair shop in Grand Junction and arrived late afternoon at the State park in Fruita, to overcast, winds and threatening rain, setting up camp at James M Robb, Colorado River State Park.  A very tidy campground nestled along the Colorado River.

We set up camp and headed up to visitor center on the mesa overlooking the Monument.  Wow.  (Do I keep saying "Wow" a lot?).  Sraddha stubbed her big toe tearing part of the toenail off the toe, when opening the door to visitor center and bled all over.  (no photos). I ran to get the first aid kit and some paper towels.  We cleaned it up, patched her torn up toe.
Our view out front Window.  Colorado Monument in background
She was not able to go hiking nor will for several days.  So we drove around the rim admiring the sights.  The light was really pretty neat, reminding me of the light last year as we toured the rim of Canyon de Chelly.

Another angle
I was able to shoot some nice HDR from the rim.  Too bad we couldn't hike down in.  Next time.  Hopefully without damaging the power cord.  Oh yes,  I also had to replace the shower hose which wore out.  At least we are clean!

We decided to take a down day 

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