Saturday, May 10, 2014

Welcome to Utah!

Driving west on Interstate 70 from Colorado into Utah we pass see high cliffs, mountains, plains desert, redrock, puff clouds, and wide open spaces.  Heading to Salt Lake City area to help Sraddha's nephew move into their new home closer to his work so he can reduce his commute by 2 hours per day.  This is important because his wife, Sraddha's niece, Lissel, passed away suddenly last December just before Christmas.  Leaving behind 4 little girls, oldest 9, it has been challenging for the family.
Welcome to Utah
When we attended the funeral we volunteered that, if nearby, we would come help them move.  That time has arrived.  We have really enjoyed the past 7 weeks of meandering around the southwest with no fixed schedule knowing we would end up in South Jordan, Utah on Friday May 9.
Wide open spaces
Meandering, or as friend put it "Roam with Om" has suited our current lifestyle and temperament.  For past 45 years I have been on a schedule.  It is nice to take a break.  Yesterday as we were walking in the campground I remarked that if feels a little strange to have to be somewhere at a specific time.
Attention to Detail keeps us mostly out of trouble
Not that we haven't made appointments here and there, however, this is a little different.  We are looking forward to seeing the family and helping out Tyler's mother and father who have moved in with them to help take care of the little ones.
Our campsite amidst the cottonwoods
We will be here in SLC area for 4-5 days then, since "nearby" drive 650 miles west to California to spend a week at Ananda Village in familiar surroundings, seeing friends, attending to medical and dental minor issues, getting haircut, etc. Then resume meandering on our northern migration to Oregon.

Fresh Snow on the Mountains east of Provo.
Since we arrived early we had 2 nights near Utah Lake.  The first night we spent at an RV park where we had stayed 6-7 years ago.  Set amongst the big cottonwood trees if offers a wonderful respit from the hot Utah sun.  Only problem is the temps were in the 60's with snow in the high mountains.  Quite a beautiful alternate to the desolate brown hillsides we have seen the other times we have been in area in summer, fall and winter.
Utah Lake State Park campsite
The next day we moved to the state park at Utah Lake.  Open, big, spread-out campsites, view of the lake, view of the mountains and easier on the budget too.  We drove up to NW Salt Lake City area to visit Natural History Museum on University of Utah.  Modern building with amazing exhibits on the geology, archeology and cultural history of Utah.  Really cool dinosaur exhibit.
My new friend.   I didn't invite him home
And an exhibit about Chocolate. Afterwards we went to cafe and drank a cup of Mexican chocolate.
Ah, Civilization
Late in the afternoon we took a different route home.  Rather than face the commute during rush hour, we headed east over the first big mountains to Park City, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics.  Walked around historic downtown and met an interesting photographer in his studio/shop, who has made some very inspiring photos and a business out of his photography.  We chatted a while about traveling as we do. Glad we are unencumbered right now and able to roam as we do.
Fun old engine.  I used to have a model of this one on my layout
Off to help our nephew now, move into his new home for a few days then head west.

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