Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Westward Hoh!!

The wagons are hitched,  horses fed (gassed up).  Supplies sufficient.  Saddle up and let's head west!

We spent the past 3 wonderful days helping Sraddha's nephew, Tyler and family, move into their new home.  Camping outside on the street or "Burbs-Boondocking" was really fun.  We met many neighbors and friends who stopped by to say hello or help.

Burbs Boondocking
We even went shopping at Ikea for shelving and spent last afternoon and evening assembling and installing shelves and other storage devices in the playroom.  I had lots of help from the little ones.  Unfortunately, no one thought to take a photo until afterwards.  Sigh.  Must I do it all?
Helping out in the kitchen
We will finish up with installing wall photos this morning and I packed up the RV, making it ready to head out.  We had lunch with Tyler, then headed west.  Tonight's destination unknown but we have some possibilties.  It's 650 miles to Ananda Village.  Too far for one day.  Almost too far for two days although we have done that mileage.  The problem is having any energy left upon arrival.  So we will spend 2 nights on the road.
A little playtime when the sun finally came out
If we can drive 200-250 miles today (5-6 hours) and 250-300 (6-7 hours) miles tomorrow, then we have an easy day Thursday of, say 100-120 miles.  We average 50 miles per hour when we are really moving but thursday will be over and down mountain passes which drops the average to 35 miles per hour realistically or 4 hours of driving.
Helping out

So we will shoot for Wells-Elko area Tuesday hoping to set up camp for a late dinner.  Then head over through Fernly, NV for refueling and onto Washoe Lake State Park or Lahontan Lake Recreation area outside of Carson City, might be possibilities for affordable stop.  Then we could hit the Carson City Trader Joes store for essential resupply before heading up over Tahoe to Ananda Village.

We will not make any reservations and just see what comes to us.  Should be a fun little trip and looking forward to more "burb-Boondocking at Ananda Village.  The price is right.
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