Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pods and Horns

We made it to  South Jordan, Utah, out in the Southwest 'burbs of Salt Lake City.  As you may recall, we are assisting Sraddha's nephew, Tyler, move into his new home.  Tyler is a widower with 4 small girls, his wife Lissel (Sraddha's niece) passed away unexpectedly last December a week before Christmas.
PODS out front of new home
They had packed up their home in Toelle, Utah, about 1 hour drive west of here, putting everything in "Pods" while they then took a little vacation, then the pods were later delivered to the new home as you can see here.
Thankfully these horns won't fit on our RV living room wall.
Thanks to some new and some old neighbors, the family was able to move everthing into the house before the rains.  Well mostly.  It did shower a little but a big storm moved in overnight.  We had set up campsite on the street outside of home.  Tyler had received special permission for us to do this for a few days.
Boondocking in the 'Burbs.  Notice new snow in mountains.
We even hooked up power to the house using our big extension cords. I only blew the 20 amp circuit once last night.  Found out that I can run either the hot water heater, the microwave, or the space heater along with the electric blankets and fridge and TV, but not 2 of the 3.  That's ok.  We turned on the propane water heater and I turned off the space heater when I warmed up leftovers in the microwave.

We managed to get a fair amount of unpacking down yesterday and will do more today.  Monday we will do even more, and receive another small trailer load of things which were temporarily stored back in a neighbors garage.

Thankfully one of Tyler's "boy genius" friends got the internet wifi working so I can write blog without using up our precious bandwidth. I also have been able to download all the latest software updates for our computers and IOS devices.  Woo Hoo.  Always a bonus for us with limited monthly bandwidth.

The other bonus is free rent space.  Most RV campgrounds cost $30-$35 per night.  State parks range from $25-$30.  BLM and National Forest Campgrounds are $3-$8 with senior access pass.  So we like to find free places occasionally.  We like to boondock out in the "boonies".  Now we are boondocking in the "burbs"!  Average daily rent for 2014 is $14 so far.

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