Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Slight Change of Plans

Our 3 day journey has turned into a two day journey. We stopped in a small RV park just west of Wells, Nevada after driving 200 miles yesterday.
Our right to Ananda Village
We had a wonderful visit helping Tyler and his family move into their home, it was time to head west.  The journey is 650 miles of mostly interstate.

Snow capped peaks
Last weekend's storm left some wonderul snow capped peaks all across Utah and Nevada. We try to stay off freeways as much as possible, preferring to go the back roads as we did in Arizona and New Mexico and Colorado.
Long way across Nevada
We stopped in Winnemucca at 9:00 AM for breakfast.  Omelet and fresh potatoes.  Yum. Regular readers know we had planned to head to a campsite near Carson City then around Tahoe, one of our favorite routes.
A little congested at the truck stop
However, we arrived in Fernly, Nevada at 1:15 to refuel, dump and have an RV wash and looked at GPS.  Only 3 hours drive to Ananda Village!  Let's do it!  So we are driving about 450 miles today. Not bad on freeway.  So we will arrive a day earlier and drive fewer miles.
Even more busy at Truck Wash
We gassed up ($3.75 per gallon) both vehicles, and waited in line at the Blue Beacon Truck wash for an hour before getting RV washed and a coat of Rainex put on ($40 for our size RV).   CharLi is now a spiffy and clean enough to go into a city.  But where to dump waste?  Our original plan was at the campsite.  However, we have a little app on the iPhone called Sani-Dumps.  Sraddha researched local dumpsites and discovered a rest stop 4 miles west of Fernly which has a dump station.  FREE was the price so we stopped there. Voila!  Empty waste tanks good for another week!
Civilization - AKA Trader Joes
A Google search revealed a Trader Joes on the south end of Reno so we took the 80 bypass around south and pulled into the parking lot not knowing what to expect.  Plenty of room.  Sraddha headed into buy supplies while I visited with a couple, Toni and John, who stopped me in the parking lot to ask about the RV and full timing.  Fun times.

Now Sraddha is driving us over the Sierra mountains on a beautiful sunny day, the only kind of day you want to be driving over the Sierra's.  I am typing and we will be back at Ananda Village, our previous home for past 15 years prior to full-timing.  We will be "boondocking" at our good friend's house for next few days and seeing a lot of friends.  
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