Sunday, April 8, 2012

Grand canyon ho

Departing early
Record time for departure 7:30 AM on Easter. Well. It quite but close because we did depart earlier from Texas.

Easy trip. Only 120 miles today The sun at our back side we see a herd of antelope off to the east. Quick get the camera. Oops, in the car. Out I go. Get the zoom lens. They are gone. Hmm. Maybe not. Sraddha hops into the driver seat and me riding shotgun with camera. We drive slowly on meridian over the rise and there they are. Not as good a sun angle but still I take the photo.

North to Ashfork
The Chino valley is se elevation as Prescott so easy driving. Wonder if chino pants were invented here ;) Dry here but some agriculture with fruit trees, green houses. Land still waking up here from winter. We see the cliffs of the Rim in the north of us. Funk we climb up over it. Prescott valley at 5000 ft. Canyon village is closer to 7000 ft.
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