Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

Well we didn't really hike into the canyon. Technically it was around the canyon rim.  We hiked about 7 miles over 2 days and biked another 10.  

I think the GC has most visitors per year of any park.  They are so well organized.  We camped in the campground with mostly tents, like dry camping but we were totally self contained.  Couldn't run the generator in our section but we know, from experience, that we can go 3 days on house batteries if we conserve and use LED lights, etc so were fine.  The shuttles just take you everywhere and then we walked and walked.  The Trail of Time was real cool showing all the geological eras from 2 billion years ago.  Each step was a year to give you a feel for the enormity of the whole process.

Everyone has seens lots of pics of the GC which are better,  these are all shot with my iPhone.  The good colored ones were with the HCR (High Dynamic Range) app that analyzes the light, takes two pics and blends them together.  The one of us was shot with the normal iphone camera app in mid day and so was bleached out a bit.

near sunset at Hopi Point
Another Angle
Can you figure out which camera took this picture? (hint- made by the fruit company)
We finally found someone to snap our photo.  That is an Ananda Velo hat I am wearing
Sublime and Awe Inspiring!!

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